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3 Batteries
3 Batteries

3 Batteries


Our solar panel battery is a reliable and efficient device designed to store electrical energy generated from solar panels. This battery is an important part of the solar energy system and helps to ensure a constant and stable power supply.


“Delta GEL 12-15 12V 15Ah battery” combines modern technology and high production standards. It is designed for use in various devices that require a reliable and durable power source.

Here are some technical specifications of this battery:

– Voltage: 12 volts

– Capacity: 15 ampere-hours

– Type: sealed lead-acid battery (GEL)

– Dimensions: usually about 150 x 100 x 100 mm, but it is recommended that you check with the manufacturer for exact dimensions

– Weight: depending on the specific model, the weight of the battery pack can be around 4-5 kilograms

– Housing material: usually plastic or special polymer materials

Package include:
– 3 Batteries


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