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Combo 3 in 1 V6
Combo 3 in 1 V6

Combo 3 in 1 V6


Combo included 7 battery, 6 portable solar panels and 6 charge controllers

“Delta GEL 12-15 12V 15Ah battery” combines modern technology and high production standards. It is designed for use in various devices that require a reliable and durable power source.

Here are some technical specifications of this battery:

– Voltage: 12 volts

– Capacity: 15 ampere-hours

– Type: sealed lead-acid battery (GEL)

– Dimensions: usually about 150 x 100 x 100 mm, but it is recommended that you check with the manufacturer for exact dimensions

– Weight: depending on the specific model, the weight of the battery pack can be around 4-5 kilograms

– Housing material: usually plastic or special polymer materials

“Portable Solar Panel” is a compact and portable solar panel designed to charge devices away from power sources. It allows you to get energy from sunlight and charge mobile devices, batteries and other electronic gadgets while hiking, camping and other conditions where access to the power grid is limited.

– Power: The rated power of the solar panel (usually in watts).
– Voltage and Current: The output voltage and current provided by the panel.
– Efficiency: The efficiency and output under varying light conditions.
– Output types: Different outputs (USB, DC, AC) to connect devices with different interfaces.
– Material: Usually solar panels are made of durable materials such as silicon, glass and aluminum to ensure durability and protection from external influences.
– Color: The panel is usually framed in neutral colors such as black, silver or green.
– Size and Weight: Compact size and light weight for easy carrying and storage.
– Other Features: Features built-in mounts, stand or pockets for easy installation or carrying.


“Charge Controller for Battery” is an important device designed for the efficient operation and protection of rechargeable batteries. It provides optimal charge control and prevents deep discharge, overcharging and overloading of batteries, which prolongs battery life and ensures reliable operation of the energy storage system.

– Voltage: Operating voltage and maximum incoming voltage.
– Current: Maximum output current and rated operating current.
– Battery Type: Supported battery types (e.g. gel, AGM, Li-ion, etc.).
– Efficiency: Efficiency and standby power consumption.
– Protection functions: Possible protection functions such as short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, etc.

Material and color:
– Enclosure Material: Usually high quality plastic or metal enclosures are used to provide reliable protection against external influences.
– Color: Controllers are usually painted in neutral colors such as white, gray, or black for better matching with other system components.

Dimensions, quantity and other features:
– Size: The size of the case, weight and compactness of the unit.
– Quantity: One unit per set.
– Other features: Availability of display to show information, ability to program charge parameters, presence of built-in reverse current protection, etc.

Package includes:
– One battery charge controller.
– User manual with instructions for installation and use.
– Necessary cables or connectors to connect to the battery and other system components.

Package includes:
– 6 Portable solar panels.
– 7 Batteries
– 6 battery charge controller.
–  Necessary cables or connectors to connect to the battery and other system components.
– Cables for connecting to devices.
– Bag or carrying case.
– User manual with instructions for use and care.


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